FAQs for Cottage Owners and Cottage Renters

Take some time to browse through our frequently asked questions. If you find that your question isn’t answered here, get in touch. We’ll be happy to give you answers.

Securing a cottage rental can be done in a few simple steps. Begin by going to the “rent a cottage” tab and fill out the form. If you need any assistance, get in touch with us.
This is a great question and we get it a lot. Price is always a key factor but not the only factor. If you are new to cottaging you have to ask yourself some important questions such as:
  • What type of lake do you want?
  • What type of waterfront do you want? (deep water, shallow water, beach) ?
  • What activities will be important for your holiday?
  • Do you have a young family?
  • Do you want a level lot?
Cottages come in all shapes and sizes and each lot and lake differ and it is very personal from one person to the next.

Each cottage  is unique. Your length of rental depends on whether the owners want to use their cottage throughout the season.  Most of the cottages are rented on a weekly basis, during high season and most owners rent for a week at a minimum (no weekends). If you have a unique request, ask us. We’ll find out for you.

We found that the traffic on the Friday and the Sunday’s throughout the summer where just too busy and renter’s where losing some vacation time because they either arrived late on the Friday night or had to leave early on the Sunday. Saturday to Saturday work’s better for most people.

Our company will send you an email a week before your rental period begins on how to access the cottage. It may be a key or a lockbox and we will give you either or. We will send you a rental package with all of the details.

Check in time is Saturday at 3:00 pm and check out time is Saturday at 11:00 am. If you arrive early or late you are jeopardizing someone else’s holiday and there will be a charge for that. We also need time to have the cottage cleaned in between arrivals.

We ask all renters to leave the cottage the way they found it, neat and tidy. All food should be out of the fridge, dishes should be washed and put away, and garbage should be taken to the dump. Most cottages will have a cleaning company come in between arrivals but it is the renter’s responsibility to clean up or there will be a charge.

All garbage needs to be taken to the dump; it is never left at the end of the driveway. Some cottages will provide garbage tags but this will be specified to you in your rental package or at the cottage.

In cottage country, all cottages might not have great cell reception. Reception differs cottage to cottage and lake to lake so if this is important to you please let us know so we can find you a cottage with both.

Check the website if the cottage you want is pet friendly or not. Some cottages are pet friendly but will only allow for 1 pet (this includes cats too). If the cottage is pet friendly but you have more than one pet please let us know so we can ask the owner (this includes inside and outside animals). Some cottage owners have severe allergies and do not want a pet inside their cottage. Please be courteous of this regulation.

Every cottage will have a list of inclusions and exclusions. Most owners will leave some bedding and pillows but check on the list of inclusions and exclusions and this will tell you what each cottage provides. Usually owners will leave some supplies for their guests to get started with but it would be beneficial to bring cleaning supplies; garbage bags; paper towels and toilet paper. You can easily pick up supplies if you are close to a general store. This will be detailed in the cottage description and in the rental package.

I find it is always helpful to search online to see where the cottage is and where the closest grocery stores are. Some cottages may be on an island or in very remote areas so it is important that you prepare for this type of holiday by searching the area.

In general the owner will leave enough fuel for their guest’s; however situations arise where they do not. If you have any problems you can go to the local store and purchase fuel and send us the amount. This will be detailed in the cottage description and in the rental package.

You can only bring the amount of people that you registered for with our company. Additional guests (children included) will amount to more charges for you. You are staying at someone’s home which is their pride and joy and we want everyone to be respectful of that. Every cottage will have a maximum occupancy listed on the inclusions.

Most cottages have a noise restriction after 11:00 pm, we want everyone to be respectful of each other so that there are no issues. We want you to have fun, but after 11 pm it is time to turn down the music.

In Ontario it is mandatory that if you are driving a boat of any size (with any size motor) you must have your boater’s license. We want you to be safe on the lakes, for more information please go to boaterexam.com.

Yes you do need a fishing license on any lake in Ontario.  Please visit this website for more details.

Some of the best memories are around the campfire but only if the cottage owner allows for it and has a firepit available. If there is no firepit, or the owner does not allow campfires, renters are NOT permitted to have an outdoor campfire on the property. If campfires are allowed, it is the renter’s responsibility to determine if a permit is required, and to determine if there are any fire bans in the area, you must comply with these regulations for the safety of everyone.

Most cottage owners will leave a supply of firewood for you. Please refer to the inclusions and exclusions on our website for each cottage.

If you want linens or anything else that the cottage does not provide you can contact us and we will inquire with the cottage owner. For our cottage we had guests from Europe who did not want to bring their own linens and towels so we provided them to the guests for a fee. They were satisfied with this arrangement.

We are a local Huntsville company. We live, work and play in Cottage Country!